When you first walk into our school you will notice that the students all wear different colored belts representing rank.  This is part of the martial arts tradition and is used to indicate the level of accomplishment and mastery of skills.  As you increase your level of skill, you will move up through the ranks by changing the color of your belt to symbolize your achievement.

When you begin your training at H.K. Lee Tae Kwon Do, you will be taught separately from the main class with personalized instruction at your own pace.  You will start as a "no-belt", and when you are ready, you will be pretested and invited to your first belt rank promotion exam.    After demonstrating your skill level in many of the basic moves you have learned, you will be awarded your first white belt.  With each official rank you will also receive a certificate of promotion as an official certification of your skill.

The Rank Promotion Procedure

Achieving each new rank requires you to demonstrate specific techniques and skills.   Your instructor will monitor your progress and will invite you to the next scheduled rank promotion date when he feels you are ready.  A minimal fee is charged for each exam, to cover the cost of the examiners' time, your new belt and your certificate.




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