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Family Program

Happy Family Class

  • Enjoy sharing a positive activity together
  • Have better communication with family members
  • Practicing together teaches cooperation with each other
  • Respect and love each other more
  • Maintain physical fitness together in one activity, all in the same place and time
  • Families never have far to go to find a willing training
  • partner...quality time spent at home will take on a whole new meaning
  • Special rates available for family groups

Tae Kwon Do philosophy emphasizes respect for others, humility, gentleness, peace and self-control. Improve these character traits together.

Safe and Fun for all Ages

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get and stay physically fit and gain greater flexibility and circulation
  • Maintain confidence and vigor
  • Develop a fresh mind and a more meaningful life
  • Look and feel younger than ever.

Tae Kwon Do has something for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Each person starts from wherever they are now and progresses at their own pace to accomplish far beyond their original expectations.

There's an old saying..."Families that kick together, stick together."


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